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What to Expect in the First Appointment

First impressions can mean a lot -- and this might be more so when you reach out to a therapist with the added layer of stress, apprehension, or during a crisis.

I believe it is important that clients get a sense of who I am and what I can offer from the first appointment.

Since you are putting time and resources into each session, it should be something you feel is meaningful and valuable to you.

After asking questions to get to know you, I will offer a space for you to ask questions about me.

I will ask what experience you have had in the past -- and if you have seen a therapist before: what worked? what didn't work?

I will also ask what goals you have in us working together, and what prompted you to reach out to me.

If we feel that the stated issues and goals are something we can work on together, then we can review different options for moving forward.

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