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Client Testimonials

It is a genuine privilege to have people share their stories and struggles with me.

I have been fortunate to work with work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to work alongside me.


Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

"Fantastic, professional and insightful.

Working with Stephanie has been really successful for me in working through some tough times.

The platform for booking is very easy and billing is prompt allowing my health coverage to work smoothly. She is caring and insightful in her method and took the time to understand the forces at work.


I highly recommend working with her should you need that help to cope and

move forward in whatever challenges you."

R.T. (Burlington)

"I reached out to Stephanie in 2019, providing some details into my background and some of my current hurdles I was dealing with. Stephanie set up a video call with me to explore some of my goals and what I was looking at getting out of the sessions.

I can't express how comfortable Stephanie made me feel right off the bat. She is someone that is real, honest and provides you with techniques that I use throughout the day.

For myself, I have struggled with mental health for a very long time, I have been to numerous sessions with a variety of professionals, and instantly I knew I wanted to continue my journey with Stephanie. 


I go through my day feeling ready to take on the challenges of life both externally and internally. There is nothing more exciting, then getting the tools to put in your toolbox to help ground you.

Stephanie takes time to also explain the process, the assignments and the tools she gives you. It becomes meaningful to understand the why behind it.


I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone that is thinking about adding a resource to help in their journey!" 

L.W. (Brantford)

"Going to therapy has always been something I’ve wanted to do for a long while, but shame, fear, and stigma got in the way on me reaching out for help. It wasn’t until I literally hit rock bottom with my mental health that I could no longer go about my days telling myself “I’m fine” when I was the opposite of that.

Receiving Stephanie's business card was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

From the moment I met her virtually, I was instantly comfortable and able to be vulnerable with her. She has a welcoming and judgment free energy that allows you to express your deepest fears and anxieties & trust that it is a safe space to do so. She challenges me to reflect on myself and my relationships in a very compassionate and loving way that I was never able to do so before.

Stephanie is very empathic and understands that we’re all human beings who are just trying to function to the best of our abilities. Her ability to recall very specific details that I’ve shared has indicated to me that she actively listens and cares deeply about her clients. Not only does she remember my story, but she goes out of her way to research new topics to keep herself informed, provide multiple and alternate suggestions on various techniques, and always checks in on how I am doing outside of therapy.

She has a very witty humour which is the perfect balance between being serious and getting down to the hard things but also making it light by not beating yourself up for the past. I have shared many laughs, cries, and most importantly feelings of empowerment with her and that is a gift that she naturally embodies. The understanding, compassionate, and validating person that she is has allowed me to be open with her and accept her willingness to help me along my journey to self-love despite the storm I have going on in my mind. "     


J.W. (Hamilton)

"Stephanie is honest even when you don’t want to hear it -- but at the same time she understands you and your limits.
I always know that she’s pushing me when I need to be pushed, but she’s also taught me to say when it’s enough. She makes you think but also makes you feel understood. It’s the perfect balance."

K.B. (Burlington)

"I never thought I'd find a therapist who was right for me, but after years of trying, I finally did. A friend referred me to Stephanie Dennis back in September 2020 after a really difficult time in my life.
I was anxious, depressed, and I was feeling hopeless. She has been excellent and things are better than I ever imagined they would be.
She has been patient and caring and I've built a very trustworthy relationship with her. The time that Stephanie has spent working with me to bring me where I am today will never be forgotten.
She has given me a new confidence and made me feel like myself again. My life would look a lot different today if it wasn't for her help and guidance. I could not recommend Stephanie Dennis enough to anyone who is seeking therapy. Thank you so much."

P.M. (Hamilton)

"I began seeing Stephanie almost a year ago. I was going through a very dark time in my life and I didn’t know how to move forward,(and didn’t think I could.)
Stephanie helped me to realize that was not at all the case. I had never been to therapy before and was so nervous, but she made it the most comfortable and helpful experience possible.
Each session, the time absolutely flies and I feel like I’m just catching up with an old friend. An old friend who helps me to ask the questions I don’t know how to ask myself and helped me heal more than I ever thought would be possible.
Her rates are amazing and her availability is very suitable to my needs.
I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone that asks and cannot say enough about how much she helped me move forward and get back to myself in a healthy way."

K.D. (Grimsby)

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